Let's get down to business. We're sure you want to know how much you will make once you become a SmartWinners affiliate. Well, we've created three different ways for you to make money inside of the SmartWinners affiliate program. First, there is the Revenue Share model in which we will pay you a percentage on any purchase a customer referred by you makes. Next, we have our Cost-per-acquisition model, where we'll pay you each time you redirect a new customer to our site. Finally, there is the Tier 2 commission model, which pays you a percentage of the earnings of any other affiliates you refer to us.

20% Revenue Share

Revenue Share: you will earn 20% each time one of your customers purchases on our website.

10% Tier 2

You earn 10% commissions from their sales efforts when you redirect new affiliates.


Payment per lead

You will get paid a one-time fee each time you redirect new customers. Cost per acquisition does require affiliate pre-approval.


Our Commission Structure Earns You Massive Profits

With these three programs in place, our commission structure is designed to earn you a lot of money in a short amount of time. While it's possible to make money by focusing on just one aspect of the program, it can be even better to use a promotion strategy that includes all three commission models. For instance, if you're referring customers to the website, you'll earn $30 Cost Per Acquisition on each one, then 20% on anything they buy. However, the real money-making power comes from our Tier 2 commission model. Here, you can earn 10% on the sales of any other affiliates you bring into our program. So, if you bring in other affiliates, you make $10 on every $100 that they generate for the lifetime of this program. This money can begin to add up, especially if you bring on more and more affiliates.


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